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Olive oil and balsamic vinegar on sale in the restaurant

In the month of November when the days are growing shorter it is olive harvest time. Each year Nicoletta Gezzi and Warmolt Keizer, the founders of Restaurant Casa di David, head off to their country estate Fonte dei Frati in Tuscany to pick olives.

Fonte dei Frati is situated in the small hill town of Cortona southeast of Tuscany’s capital Firenze (Florence). The large farm on the estate was built in 1712 and had been owned by local farmers for centuries. The hill on which the farm stands offers a magnificent view of Chiana Valley and the olive orchards below. Every autumn friends, family and locals help pick the olives, which are then processed into olio d'oliva - olive oil, an indispensable ingredient in Italian cuisine. A huge supply of olive oil is taken back to the Netherlands every year.

The olive oil will soon be on sale in our restaurant. Why not come to Amsterdam to enjoy our Italian specialities and take a taste of Italy back home with you.

Aside from olive oil we will also be selling 15-year-old aceto balsamico or balsamic vinegar in our restaurant. Like olive oil it is a key ingredient in Italian cuisine. A few drops will suffice to add flavour to a meal.

Written on 12-01-'12