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The history of Casa di David captured in a book

Tavolo 18 by Nicoletta Gezzi

Tavolo 18 tells the moving yet amusing tale of the history of an Italian restaurant in Amsterdam. In parallel, the book unfolds a lifetime’s memories, those of Nicoletta Gezzi, the restaurant’s owner for 35 years. The restaurant is Casa di David.

In Tavolo 18's 50 short chapters Nicoletta Gezzi chronicles her childhood in Italy, her experiences as an Italian woman in the Netherlands, especially in Amsterdam, the ups and downs of her family and the restaurant adventure. The book has allocated a key role to exceptional anecdotes about the people Nicoletta has encountered while running the restaurant: staff, customers, neighbours and suppliers. Casa di David is more than simply un luogo di lavoro or work place to Nicoletta Gezzi. It is a stage where, over the years, she has witnessed life - not only her own but also the lives of other people.

Tavolo 18 was translated into Dutch by Carolien Steenbergen.

The Dutch translation of Tavolo 18 as well as the original Italian language version will soon be available via our website. Watch our website!

Written on 03-11-'11