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Benvenuti a Casa di David

Italian restaurant in Amsterdam

Experience authentic Italian cooking on the Amsterdam canals at Casa di David. This restaurant has been one of the city of Amsterdam’s foremost culinary assets for more than 35 years now. Founded with the aim of introducing the Dutch to authentic Italian cuisine, Casa di David soon stole the hearts of all diners to visit the restaurant with its wide range of fresh ingredients, home-made pasta and bread and pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven.
In the month of November when the days are growing shorter it is olive harvest time. Each year Nicoletta Gezzi and Warmolt Keizer, the founders of Restaurant Casa di David, head off to their country estate Fonte dei Frati in Tuscany to pick olives. Read more
Tavolo 18 tells the moving yet amusing tale of the history of an Italian restaurant in Amsterdam. In parallel, the book unfolds a lifetime’s memories, those of Nicoletta Gezzi, the restaurant’s owner for 35 years. The restaurant is Casa di David. Read more
Gliding along the Amsterdam canals while enjoying an Italian three-course dinner to the accompaniment of Italian opera arias and Neapolitan classics sung by a professional opera singer. Read more
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